Gorilla Trekking

Trekking for mountain gorillas in Africa is every tourists dream holiday watching gorillas in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo. gorilla trekking rwandaMountain gorillas were brought to light in the 1980’s during the times of Dian Fossey; an early American Scientist who dedicated all her life to protection and conservation of these intriguing creatures from extinction.

In addition to Dian Fossey’s efforts and struggles; she was later joined by the African governments of the Virunga region states of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo that are habituated by the wonderful rare Apes.
The Virunga Region is the only place in the world where we find the unique mountain gorillas. These reside within the Volcanoes National Park of Rwanda, Mgahinga National Park and Bwindi Forest National Park of Uganda and the Virunga National Park of Congo.

Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park is believed to hold the largest number of total of the existing mountain gorillas in the world today, followed by Volcanoes National Park of Rwanda.
gorilla trekking rwandaMountain gorillas can be enjoyed by visitors by Either obtaining a gorilla trekking permit that allows them to spend an hour in the locality of these creatures observing and taking photographs OR by obtaining the gorilla Habituation Process permit that gives visitors a chance to spend more than an hour with the amazing creatures; studying their behavior and character in the presence of humans.

Both of these activities are very rewarding, however, mountain gorilla habituation process can only be enjoyed in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

Mountain Gorilla trekking itself happens every single day throughout the year; it’s only a personal preference and taste that may determine when best to take onto this trip. It’s usually done in groups of 8 individuals to every single gorilla family in a day and strictly for only an hour as a way of keeping them safe from contracting human diseases as they are a close relative of ours with a 98%DNA Human Being.

In Rwanda, tourists are able to trek for mountain gorillas at a fee of $1500 for the per person and $600 for per person in Uganda during the high / peak seasons of June, July, August, September, October , December , January and February as well as March and at $450 for per person in the low seasons of April, May and November.